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Are you looking for a business loan?

Ortus Business Finance was born from a passion to help businesses succeed during difficult financial times, through the arrangement of straightforward and fast business loans. You may have struggled to secure a commercial business loan through a bank due to the difficult economic climate we are currently in, or you might be plagued by a poor credit rating, but we recognise that businesses should not be forced to suffer financial hardship because of a national fear of lending.

We believe that the deciding factor when arranging and offering a business loan should be the potential of the business itself, and not the poor economic climate it is operating in.

About us

  • We will arrange a commercial business loan for most industries.  All business sectors will be considered, regardless of the life stage of the business or where in the UK it is based. (We regret that we are unable to offer a business loan to applicants outside of the UK)
  • Ortus Business Finance is here to help your business succeed. With over 15 years in the commercial business loan industry, our team have extensive knowledge and experience to support you and your business
  • We take a personal approach to every application; each business has individual requirements, so we ensure that your application is reviewed on an individual basis
  • We work quickly and efficiently to arrange fast business loans; all applicants are guaranteed a response within 2 hours (during business hours: 9:00am – 5:30pm)
  • We will work with you to provide a competitive finance arrangement with repayments to suit your specific needs

Applying for a business loan?

Contact us by phone on 0800 008 6938 or email us for more information on the range of business finance options available to you. Alternatively, fill out our business loan application form and we will respond within two hours (during business hours: 9:00am – 5:30pm).