Jargon Buster

What is Business Finance?

To help you with the application process, we have compiled a ‘jargon buster’ to explain some of the more commonly used terms surrounding business finance. Whether you are confused about unsecured business loans, unfamiliar with secured business loans or not sure if equipment leasing is the most suitable option for your needs, we hope our jargon buster will help.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions below, please do not hesitate to contact our business finance advisors on 0800 008 6938 or by emailing us. As experts in business finance, we will be able to answer any queries you may have.

Jargon Buster

Following the underwriting of an application, if Ortus Business Finance is able to arrange your finance, an acceptance will be given by the funder along with full details of the terms of the arrangement.  All appropriate paperwork will then need to be signed.

Annual administration fee
An annual fee that covers the ongoing cost of managing your business finance arrangement. The annual administration fee will be automatically charged by the funder on the anniversary of your lease/loan start date.

An online form filled in by you, to obtain all the information we require to make a decision about your application and the best business finance solution for you. Details we need include, but are not limited to, personal details, business details and information about the type of business finance you are looking for and the amount you would like to borrow. (Details can also be given over the phone on 0800 008 6938.)

Document fee
The initial fee charged by the funder for the arrangement of your business finance, including the provision of necessary documentation.

Equipment leasing
Rather than borrow money to purchase equipment, equipment leasing may be a more suitable option for you. The funder will purchase the equipment on your behalf and with agreed repayment terms in place, you ‘lease’ the equipment from them.

At Ortus Business Finance we work with a panel of funders and will introduce you to a company, or ‘funder’ who will advance your unsecured business loansecured business loan or arrange your equipment leasing agreement.

A formal agreement provided by a business director or third party as additional security to support an application.

Rate – monthly/annual
The interest rate charged could be on a monthly or annual basis, dependent on the type of finance arranged.

Rental/loan agreement
A document that the customer (the person taking out the equipment lease/loan) needs to sign to form a legal contract between themselves and the funder.

Repayment terms:

  • Deferred payments
    No payments are made for an agreed period, specified at the start of the finance agreement; capital and interest are then paid monthly until the loan amount has been repaid in full.
  • Fixed Payments
    Repayments of the interest and capital are agreed at the beginning of the term. These stay the same throughout the loan period, until the finance arrangement has been repaid in full.
  • Stepped Payments
    At the outset of the loan, a repayment amount is agreed for the first year. During the following year the monthly amount is stepped up to a higher level, but stays at this level for the duration of that year.  For the third and final year of repayments, the amount increases again, so that by the end of the term the capital and interest has been repaid in full. This is a popular repayment method for businesses that envisage an increasing financial return year on year.

Sale and leaseback
Equipment that you own can be sold to the funder with the agreement that you will rent these items back.  Equipment leasing in this manner enables you to free up capital to be put back into the business and while you no longer own the asset outright, you can still benefit from the use of it.

Secured business loans
Longer term loans that are generally for a higher amount. Secured business loans must be secured against a property you own, or that you own a proportion of equity in that is equal to or greater than the amount you are looking to borrow. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

The funders process of approving an application, various searches and enquiries are made against the business/individual/loan application.  Results are then reviewed and considered in relation to the amount and type of finance that has been requested.

Valuations fee
A fee to be paid to the funder as a contribution to the cost of any property valuations required.